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The Life Of Chablis

Chablis Dandridge was born to a 16-year old single mother and raised in Newark NJ. Some of his many harsh life realities by age 18 include; dropping out of high school at 15, he suffered 4 gunshot wounds leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, fathered two children, was institutionalized for mental health concerns and found himself in and out of jail. At age 27 he received a federal prison sentence for drug trafficking that would transform his life and rewrite the ending of his life’s book.

While in prison Chablis received a college degree and paralegal certification, learned Spanish fluently, focused on reform advocacy and community outreach work, and authored several books.


Today, he lives in Charlotte, NC, is a real estate professional who devotes part of his professional attention to providing transitional housing for individuals returning to the community from incarceration and those suffer with chronic homelessness.

He also works in leadership at a nonprofit that helps at-risk youth stay out of prison, strengthen families and teach incarcerated men and women life-skills.

He speaks publicly on human rights and social justice issue and is a tireless champion for recidivism reduction initiatives and youth intervention programs.

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Chablis works at Life Connections of the Carolinas where he uses his own life experience to help marginalized youth gain life skills. If you would like to support this work donate now.

The Soar Project

Chablis is also a principle participant in the children’s book “Soar.” Please check out the efforts of a group of visionary leaders who put together a book for young people ages 3-12 about love, acceptance and inclusion at and support the efforts of education, love and peace.