Chablis Dandridge

Transformation happens from the inside out. Chablis is an author/speaker who uses the human touch of his experience to help others on their journey through transformation from the inside out.


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What to hear more about his personal journey of transformation? Let his words speak for themselves.

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a letter for my sons chablis dandridge


In A Letter to My Sons, Chablis Dandridge shares his heart, his soul and his journey during his sentence for a drug offense. While incarcerated, he made a commitment to a better life so that his children would have a different outcome.

He knew that above all else, his duty as a father should remain at the top of his list. Turning regret to reform, A Letter to My Sons creates hope and opportunity for parents who are living in a place of sorrow and despair, no matter what their circumstance.

This book is a poignant reminder that we have a new opportunity in every moment to be the best, to be a catalyst for change and to live life today as if it’s your last.

What People​​ Say about Me

Amazing character and super inspirational. Great speaker and author.
Chris Parente
News Anchor
Chablis' book has been heartfelt and warming to the soul. It moved me deeply.
Christine Andreu
L.A. STYLE Magazine Editor-In-Chief
He's an amazing man, full of life and so eloquent. He's helped me immensely.
Dima Ciolache
Founder of